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Christmas can be a busy time for most companies, and the removals business is no exception! Whatever the reason for a home move at this time, there is much to think about and plan, if the move is to be a smooth one. Added to which the increasingly adverse seasonal weather conditions, and traffic build up on the roads can cause difficulties and slow the moving process down.

Its always advisable to make arrangements with your removals company as soon a possible, especially if it is to be around Christmas, as there may be limited staff etc.
Check that you have informed all relevant bill companies and updated your details on any important documentation.
Confirm with your energy providers the switch-on date in your new home, so you are not stuck in a freezing cold building over xmas.
Dont forget to inform as many people about your move as possible to ensure you receive your xmas cards at the new address.
Keep in mind anything you need for your new home, like vases or mug sets in case friends or family need xmas gift ideas.
Its a good idea to have some salt or grit handy to scatter outside the old home and the new place, in case of snow or ice underfoot.
In addition to labelling boxes before the move, you could place xmas decorations, gifts, xmas jumpers and anything else you will need to help settle in.
Once you are in your new home, remember you dont need the full works when it comes to making your surroundings look cheerful and festive, just a dvd, board game, pack of cards, a glass of mulled wine, a candle and some tinsel can suffice and bring the Christmas spirit into your new home.

At Move It Men, we can help and advise on every aspect of your move, and pride ourselves on a truly unique and caring removals service. We offer a flexible package including managing your move, inventory service, council liaison and even a female chaperone service where needed. We are also happy to work around you with an out of hours service tailored to your needs.

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