Reasons to Self Store

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With new homes becoming smaller overall, and more people buying their own properties in the UK, self storage services are popping up all over the place. We all seem to have too many ‘things’ these days that for one reason or another we are reluctant to get rid of. This may be due to them having sentimental value or being worth a lot of money. We gradually acquire possessions over the years, some of which will not be used yet are too good to dispose of. These can range from sets of crockery to sofas all of which will take up precious space in the home and add to that cluttered look.

Self storage has been steadily rising in popularity, as people discover that having a unit or container within easy reach of their home is extremely convenient. Most are very affordable and offer 24/7 access for the unit renter. Here are some of the benefits:-

  • Cost

People often imagine that self storage units are expensive, but they can be extremely affordable. A good company such as Newcastle Self Storage will offer advice on the most cost effective solution to suit each customer’s needs.

  • Storing stock

Many business owners and those who sell online use self storage containers to keep their stock. This saves money on securing premises, and is especially helpful for new business start ups.

  • Bulky items

Items like cycles, quad bikes, boats and sets of golf clubs are bulky and take up lots of space, they may not be used for a large proportion of the year due to the weather. Keeping them safely locked away in a storage unit is an ideal option.

  • Moving Home

Those who are moving home frequently need the services of a self storage company, as moving in and out dates can be a balancing act. Belongings can be stored for short or long periods, and if the new abode is quite compact, you can even leave some things in the unit for as long as required.

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