In Praise of Metal Garden Sheds & Metal Storage Units


Move It Men friends and marketing partners, SM Garden Sheds, have come up with a new idea to promote their extensive lines of metal garden sheds and metal storage units.

SM Garden Sheds – along with their wholesale arm, Shed Baron – have created a whole new website –

Metal Sheds On Line is full of fascinating facts and useful information on metal garden sheds and metal storage units.

For example, do you know the difference between hot dipped galvanisation and electroplating? In a nutshell (although more information is available on the Metal Sheds Online website) hot dipped galvanisation gives a consistently thick rust proof coating to all metal components while electroplating is a the cheaper option giving a thin and inconsistent layer of rust proofing that will give a shinier finish but will not stand the test of time – or the great British weather. Please note, all metal garden sheds from SM Garden Sheds are hot dip galvanised.

Metal Sheds On Line provides easy-to-read information on the biggest names in metal shed manufacture including Asgard, Biohort and Canberra. There is a rundown on the integrated safety features on metal garden sheds and the range of styles and sizes available.

And Metal Sheds On Line isn’t only about metal sheds. Many metal storage units have been designed with specific functions in mind. There is a great choice in metal bike lockers including space saving ‘vertical’ bike lockers and secure bike lockers with roller shutter access. There are metal gas cylinder stores for caravan and lodge sites. There a low pent roof metal sheds, ideal for smaller gardens or where secure storage should be discrete and/or below the eye line or window line.

For more information on metal garden sheds and metal storage units visit www.metalshedsonline now.

In Praise of Metal Garden Sheds & Metal Storage Units

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