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Childcare for Babies, Toddlers & Pre-School Children in a Friendly, Safe & Secure Environment, Greater Manchester at

Learning Through Play for Babies, Toddlers & Pre-School Children in a Safe, Loving Environment

Channings Nurseries are grateful to our web promotion partners Move It Men Removals, for placing this information page on their website. Our group of nurseries offer quality daycare for babies, toddlers and pre-school children in four locations across Greater Manchester. These include Oldham, Newhey nr Milnrow, Royton and now Chadderton Way, each providing convenient access from all of the surrounding areas.

All of the staff at Channings are committed to positive child development in a safe and fun environment and we have 25 years experience in childcare. Each of our popular nurseries is fully equipped with age appropriate toys and resources, and an emphasis is placed on problem solving and decision making through play. This facilitates an enquiring mind and a love of knowledge. We encourage free choice within the daily routine, and the needs and wants of each child is considered. Our nurseries consist of carefully designed rooms and extremely secure outdoor areas, which are accessible from ground floor rooms with coded entry systems.

Stimulating & Fun Baby Rooms, Cuddles & Home Made Food in Relaxed Surroundings

Our baby rooms are a delightful mix of bright and stimulating space and cosy relaxing comfort, making your baby’s transition from home to nursery a pleasant one. We are dedicated to providing a happy and stress free day for your baby, and will work with you to gently incorporate your baby’s routine into the nursery day. We specialise in smiles and giggles as we fill your baby’s day with toys, messy play, chat, singing, walks and of course hugs. All of the toys your baby plays with are kept clean and sterilised.

Your baby’s key worker can sit comfortably with your baby on our sofa when bottle feeding or relaxing. When you and your baby are ready we will keep your wishes in mind when weaning your baby onto a delicious variety of healthy home made food.

channings_pp_image2Indoor & Outdoor Early Learning & Social Development for your Toddler

Tweenie and toddler rooms at Channings are designed to be age appropriate, helping young children to learn, become independent and interact easily with others. We follow the Early Years Foundation Style Framework which reflects our philosophy of learning through play. Here, a more structured day introduces communication through language and friendly cooperation. Motor skills are also promoted as tasks include things like cutting and sticking and painting and chalking. Abilities are boosted in a number of fun ways including co-ordination activities like water and sand play and movement and mobility with outdoor play.

Our pre-school children benefit from a wide range of resources intended to build confidence and prepare them for school life. Learning in a familiar and cheerful setting instils the message that education is enjoyable, and amongst the familiar favourite activities still available, our pre-school children find exciting pursuits like early reading and maths, mark making, baking, construction, ICT, exercise and dancing.

Highly Trained, Skilled Staff, Key Workers & Parent Involvement

We believe in continuous staff training and development enabling us to deliver the highest possible quality of care. We also believe that the input of parents is extremely important, and strive to keep you informed about your baby, toddler or preschooler on a daily basis if possible. We love to hear about how your child is doing at home too, and your key worker will be delighted to share these experiences with you.

Our latest nursery addition at Chadderton Way, will prove exceptionally convenient for parents in the Rochdale, Heywood, Bury, Middleton areas and many Yorkshire locations. Parents love the fact that our car park is situated a only few metres from the main road and is traffic free where our road rejoins the carriageway. This nursery has all of the advantages of our other nurseries including access to safe landscaped outdoor play areas. Parents are always welcome to visit and have a chat with our friendly staff.

Learning Through Play for Babies, Toddlers & Pre -School Children in a Safe, Loving Environment. Stimulating & Fun Baby Rooms, Relaxed Surroundings & Home Made Food. Indoor & Outdoor Early Learning & Social Development for your Toddler. Highly Trained, Skilled Staff, Key Workers & Parent Involvement, Oldham, Newhey nr Milnrow, Royton, Chadderton Way, Greater Manchester

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