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apple blogThe concept of Lambrequins has been known in the theatrical and architectural environment for centuries, whenever an attractive and lasting impression was needed. They have recently made a reappearance, and are increasingly being used in a contemporary setting by interior designers and decorators in Epping, Loughton, and Chigwell. These window dressings present the perfect opportunity to really go to town when decorating and let your imagination run riot.

A lambrequin is similar to a pelmet but extends down the sides of the window frame, sometimes reaching the sill, bringing with it several advantages. Lambrequins allow you to design your dream home bringing decadence and elegance, with whichever look you choose. Lambrequins can describe the whole tone of your Epping home, and can change the dynamic of any room with pattern styles like Greek Key, Asian, pagoda, chintz and dental. When co-ordinated with the rest of the décor they provide a striking effect and will draw the eye like nothing else. Lambrequins can be big and vibrant or subtle and chic, they come in an unlimited range of shapes or can be personalised for a unique custom solution.

Breathtaking results for homes in Loughton are the result of clever co-ordination such as an overall plain room with vividly designed lambrequin with details picked up and echoed in sofa covers or cushions and rugs. Lambrequins can be plain and smart with a touch of trim to match upholstery etc. Bedrooms become sumptuous and cosy environments, teens will love lambrequins with prepy monograms, and children’s bedrooms can be transformed into castles or fairytale settings with bespoke lambrequins. A lambrequin can make a small room seem larger and can be teamed with shutters or blinds for a stunning impact.

Buttoned pelmets are another type of window dressing which have grown in popularity in Chigwell, Loughton, Epping and other parts of Essex. White pelmets complimented by Roman blinds look spectacular on bay windows and give incredible designer appeal.

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