A Moving Process

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Moving house as most people agree, can be extremely stressful, and that’s even if you are moving to the place of your dreams, and everything goes to plan! Whatever the reason for your move, you will want the smoothest process possible, so key aspects here are preparation and a professional moving service..

Work out what you need and what you can get rid of, as we all have experience of holding on for dear life to things we haven’t looked at or used for donkey’s years. As you probably only ever use about 5 mugs or glasses etc do you really need all of the other random cups, saucers and plates that are lining your kitchen cupboards? Plus most of us have odds and ends of old tea sets hidden away which may one day ‘come in handy’, but haven’t seen the light of day for over ten years!

How about the stacks of CD’s that never get played since you got your ipod, never mind all those old DVD’s and heaven forbid, videos you don’t want but can’t bear to throw! Are there bags of clothes never to be worn again hanging around? What about the ton of unwanted books that nobody will relieve you of? Or the stack of ancient rusty tools and equipment used once and discarded, but taking up space. It pays big time to de-clutter well before your move, as you don’t want to cart lots of stuff around only to have to find somewhere to store it in your new home, especially if downsizing.

When it comes to the actually moving day, you will pat yourself on the back if you chose wisely, and found an affordable removals company who will help organise your move, provide materials and carefully pack your belongings. This ensures a hassle free process, and means you can get on with life in your new home straight away.

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