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Moving HomeMoving to a new home involves more than just packing and unpacking! You may have tied up all the loose ends at you previous property, but there are still things to do in your new home for a seamless moving experience. Getting to know your new house and being organised makes a big difference. As a new homeowner you will need to discover every part of your property and how it functions. You should also decide which projects need embarking on and in which order. Here are a few pointers to put on your ‘to do’ list

When the new home is still empty is the ideal time to do a walk-through to check that:-

  • Anything included in the sale is there
  • All agreed on repairs have been completed
  • All switches, electrical outlets and fixtures are working

Other considerations include:-

  • Putting some initial child proofing in place if you have little ones, such as making sure there are no hanging cords on window blinds. Check all windows are closed securely too, and keep box cutters etc away from little hands. Also consider buying some socket covers and cupboards locks. Pack all child related items such as baby gates separately so they can be applied immediately.
  • Think about the set up of each room, so you know where every box and piece of furniture needs to be.
  • Check your utilities are all working ok including gas, electricity, water, phone, heating, cooling and Wi-Fi. Your local council will have information about refuse collection etc.
  • Do you know where your water valve and fuse box are? Better to find out now than when you need them!
  • It’s a good idea to give your property a deep clean, so you can start life in your new home clean and fresh.
  • Walk around and make a note of any repairs or home improvements on the agenda.
  • Many people like to change the locks at their new address, as you can’t be sure who may have a key.

Now order a takeaway, open the wine and relax!


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