4 Tips for Moving in Together

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Moving in together as a couple is a wonderful, exciting and life changing experience, although there is some tactful negotiating required along the way. There are a few rules to adhere to if you want all to go smoothly, such as:-

1. It’s better to not keep mementoes of your ex in the new home!

People can’t stand the thought of throwing away items from past relationships, and apparently 56% of people in the UK feel the same. Valentine cards, concert tickets and photos are held onto for sentimental reasons. Not many tell their current girl or boyfriend about the existence of these keepsakes either for obvious reasons.

2. Establish how much untidiness you will each tolerate

The new pad doesn’t have to be spotless and pristine all the time, but you should still aim to find out what your partner will put up with. Disharmony here can be the cause of numerous arguments, and rising resentment, quickly souring a relationship. Discus what level of untidiness or OCD you will both put up with, and prepare to compromise somewhat. ‘Start how you mean to go on’, is generally a good philosophy.

3. Duplicate items

You will be surprised [or maybe you won’t] by the amount of duplicate items you end up with when you move in together. You will likely have double of everything, so note down these things, and decide which you will keep. You don’t want to fill precious space with unneeded clutter like additional toasters, teapots, crockery sets etc. Rather than getting rid of any excess items, you could hire a self storage unit, this is especially handy if there are large pieces of furniture. After all, without being pessimistic, you never know if you are going to need them again, and it’s best to be prepared!

4. Concentrate on a new start

Try not to hang on to old toys from your childhood, and other things that are going to take up space. You might love that one eyed old teddy but your new companion may not, and in turn they will probably have given things up too.

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